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When in 2013 GMB launched the first high court claims on behalf of those blacklisted there were many in the establishment who said we were paranoid conspiracy theorists. [...]
If Brexit is going to work for workers, this is exactly the sort of decision that needs to be made in their interests - the Government has to reverse this decision now says GMB [...]
For Northamptonshire County Council to splurge almost £1million on consultancy while people are losing their jobs and services are being cut is particularly sickening says GMB. [...]
Corbyn Savages PM Over NCC
This depressingly predictable slide towards the financial ruin and effective bankruptcy by Northamptonshire County Council is the result of staggering incompetence from both Whitehall and in County Hall says GMB [...]
For long-serving NHS workers a 6.5% increase over three years actually means a real terms pay cut with inflation set to hit 9.6% during same period says GMB [...]

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National News